Life is all about change. And because you never know what each day will bring, it pays to be ready. That’s why we’re here. It’s our job to educate you about life insurance, so you can make an informed and considered decision on your cover.

Our specialty is in insuring people against illness and injury. So if the situation arose, we’ll ensure you have financial support in place, until you’re back on your feet. With the benefit of our experience, we can point out risks that you hadn’t considered. Plus we’ll review your cover annually to make sure it still meets your needs.


Personal Insurance

Medical Insurance
In New Zealand, if you need medical attention there’s a Public Health system. The way it works is that if you have a life threatening illness, you’ll go to the front of the line. If your condition isn’t life threatening, you join the queue. At this point you have to make a call: do you wait, or pay to go private?
If you have private medical insurance you know that these costs are covered and there are no queues so you get in, get fixed and get on with your life.

Income Protection/Mortgage Protection/ACC
If you were unable to work for 12 months would you survive financially? These covers provide cashflow.  If you are unable to work due to accident or illness you will receive a monthly payment until you are able to return to work. If you are unable to return to work they will continue to pay until the end of the payment period, usually age 65.

Trauma Cover
Trauma cover will pay a one off lump sum if you suffer a pre determined health condition and survive 14 days. A pre determined condition is a list of conditions that the policy covers (usually around 40 conditions). Ninety percent of all claims are paid for cancer, heart attack and stroke. This money can be used to repay debt, replace income, fund a trip offshore to chase medical treatment or a vacation post treatment. A claim is not dependent on your ability to work.  

Total & Permanent Disablement
Total & Permanent Disablement will pay a lump sum if (in a specialist’s opinion) you are unable to ever return to work.

Life Insurance
Life insurance pays a lump sum if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness. This can be used to repay debt and provide a cash buffer until your family adjust to life without you, or provide for the future education of your children.


Business Insurance

Key Person Cover
What/who is a key person? If someone was taken out of your business for 6 months without notice can your company survive the loss of that person?
Key person provides cover on any key individual in a company, so that if they were unable to work due to a critical illness, disablement or death the company could survive the loss and continue to trade. Risks often identified can include, Debt Protection, Revenue Replacement, Development Capital, Contractual Penalties, and Recruitment/Inducement Costs.

Shareholder Protection
Shareholder Protection provides the funding to enable a buyout in the event of Death, Total & Permanent Disablement and in some cases trauma.

Workplace Insurance
Workplace insurance provides staff benefits as part of their remuneration package. It can cover any of the listed personal covers, Medical, Income Protection, Trauma, Total & Permanent Disablement & Life Cover. The major advantage of group cover is that in most cases pre existing conditions will be covered, family members can be covered under the same terms at the group discounted rates.

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