Over the last few weeks I have been dealing with a number of families that are expecting their first or second child. This is fantastic news despite the impending lack of sleep, vomit and dirty nappies, which as a father of three I have experienced my fair share. On the other hand I have also been meeting clients who have decided that enough is enough and they have completed their family.

Many of these clients have been surprised to know that a vasectomy may be covered by their medical insurance. Generally this is a loyalty benefit, which means that you can make a claim after you have had your policy in place for 2 years. With loyalty benefits the insurance companies don’t usually charge an excess (subject to policy wordings, of course).

From my experience I can say that it is painless. It’s done under a local anaesthetic and if you work it right you may be able to milk it for a day or two on the couch. #netflix #skysport


If you have any questions, drop me an email or download a claim form from here http://beachinsurance.co.nz/forms/

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