When I started as an insurance adviser the company I worked for sent Birthday cards to all of their clients. I remember making the comment that to me it didn’t feel sincere. Just because we had their date of birth it didn’t feel heart felt to send a card.


Over time in this industry my view changed big time, when you wish someone who has had a trauma claim a happy birthday, you realize that they cherish every extra year they get. While most people cringe every time their birthday rolls around they should actually be in celebrating it. Unfortunately, I have lost a number of people close to me over the last few years and I know that all of them would have wanted a few more years with their young families. 


This entire industry is about your date of birth, it is how everything is priced. As your age increases so do your premiums, if you are unlucky and check out early then a life claim may be made. So if you are lucky enough to live a long and healthy life without making claims have a smile.


And the next time I wish you a happy birthday, I mean it!

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