I hear this from time to time when talking to people about what cover they have in place (or don’t have in this instance). In most cases they have tried one provider and not been offered cover. Well the market is not one provider and I like a good challenge.

We have agencies with all the major providers in the market, if someone has a health condition that may mean they are offered an exclusion, a loading or deferred/declined (no cover offered), then we will ask all providers. The insurance companies have different guidelines, different Chief Medical Officers and different re insurers, so we canvas the market to get the best terms available.

Yes, it will take more time but we work for our clients to get them the best cover possible. If the terms that we are offered are reviewable after a period of time we will load a task and see if we can have the terms improved. At this point we may again canvas the market, what one insurer will offer today may be different in 3 – 5 years’ time.


So, yes you may be uninsurable with one provider but rarely with all.

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