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Private Medical Insurance has many benefits and as most people don’t read their policy wordings (because that’s our job) sometimes there is a claim event that can be missed.

Generally private medical cover is for treatment in private hospitals but sometimes clients can end up in the public system.


Why don’t people claim?

If you are admitted to a public hospital for 7 days for say a burst appendix then the patient may think that as they didn’t go private there is no claim to be made on their private cover. In most cases this is a claimable event. All we need to do is submit a claim form along with a public hospital discharge form. 

Most major medical policies (but not all) have a “public hospital cash grant”. If you have been admitted to a public hospital you may be able to claim.  In some case’s you need to be in hospital for 3 or 4 nights’ and then you are able to claim for each night following the stand down period. Other providers have a 3 or 4 night stand down until you can claim, and then pay from the day of admission and one provider will pay you from day one (with no stand down). You can claim between $50 and $300 per night depending on the provider and there is usually a maximum limit of $2,500 – $3,000 per policy year.



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